Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic in Thornton CO Can Help Rid You of Neck Pain

Alleviate Neck Pain with the Chiropractic Professionals at Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic

Thornton, CO – July 18, 2017 – The Healthy Spine Center helps patients with neck pain issues and
discomfort. From whiplash to neck swelling, the Center has the tools and experience to pinpoint and
address all visible and underlying issues. This includes tissue damages, along with strains and twists.

The Center features a highly-dedicated team led by Dr. Gratacos. From tight necks to mobility problems,
they can easily identify and care for the problem at hand. This is done with therapeutic massages,
adjustments and other natural methods. They also have leading equipment that scans the neck and
looks for any clots, muscle damages and much more.

The Healthy Spine Center is committed to excellence in all pain management services. They also accept
most insurance plans and offer flexible appointments as well. The Center also offers a comprehensive
approach to neck pain discomfort care. This includes complete fully body examinations to check for
underlying conditions.

Dr. Gratacos and his highly-dedicated team also help patients dealing with overwhelming stress. The
latter can easily manifest into neck pain causing all types of mobility problems and issues. With this in
mind, the team will formulate strategic plans that not only deal with physical pain, but also help you
deal with everyday stress at work or home.

Neck pain can also stem from upper cervical or vertebrae issues. In fact, spinal compression is a major
cause of radiating or steady neck pain as well. With this in mind, the Center will check patients for all
symptoms and causes related to their neck distress. This includes neurological and physiological exams,
which help pinpoint the areas in distress. Dr. Gratacos can then implement the best techniques to
secure immediate and lasting neck pain relief and solace.

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Contact Information:
Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic
10313 Washington St.
Thornton, CO 80229
303 457 2040

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