Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic in Thornton CO Now Offers The Graston Technique For Soft Tissue Repair

The Graston Technique For Optimal Soft Tissue Repairs

Thornton, CO – August 10, 2018 – Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic in Thornton now offers The Graston Technique for soft tissue repairs. This technique is a form of manual therapy, which is known as soft tissue instrument assisted mobilization. The technique is a specialized form of massage therapy which helps break up scar tissue in the body.

The Graston Technique is widely utilized by chiropractic professionals as well as physical therapists, osteopathic doctors and occupational therapists. It is also used by licensed massaged professionals, as well as athletic and sport-injury trainers. The technique is designed to reduce pain in the body, while increasing optimal mobility, function and performance. Dr. “Ozzie” Gratacos is no different, he is another chiropractor that has The Graston Technique in his wellness arsenal and is ready to use it for your optimal health.

Benefits of The Graston Technique

There are several benefits associated with the Graston Technique. This includes breaking down the scar tissue and fascia restrictions associated with trauma to the soft tissue. This includes strained muscles, along with pulled ligaments, tendons or joints. At Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic, this chiropractor uses the technique to stretch the connective tissues, which helps rearrange the area being treated. This is particularly helpful for any injuries sustained to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

The Graston Technique also promotes a better healing environment for the injured soft tissues. Similarly, it helps re-activate the nerve fibers resulting in better tissue and muscle recovery across the board. As a traditional, yet innovative and cutting-edge therapy, The Graston Technique has helped patients overcome a myriad of soft tissue injuries. With this in mind, Healthy Spine Center Chiropractic is committed to excellence in these techniques and to always striving to achieve patient’s desired results. It is through these means that Dr. “Ozzie” has become known in the Thornton CO community as the chiropractor local residents can trust.

For more information, simply contact the Healthy Spine Center today to schedule a complimentary consultation or appointment. You can also learn more about the Graston Technique by simply visiting their website link below.

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