Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic in Thornton CO Provides Many Pain Management Solutions Including Cold Laser Treatments Timely and Effective Pain Management Therapies and Services

Thornton, CO – June 10, 2018 – Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic in Thornton offers a myriad of pain management solutions. This includes cold laser treatments, which are truly cutting-edge and innovative in nature. As a staple in pain management therapies, cold laser treatments utilize low-level laser or lightemitting diodes to the surface of the body.

This advanced therapy helps relieve neck and back pain, while promoting cell function and stimulating blood flow. Led by Dr. Gratacos, the highly-dedicated team of this clinic is committed to excellence in all forms of pain management solutions. With low-level laser therapies (LLTT), patients are able to regain mobility, flexibility and balance. Similarly, this therapy also tackles pain stemming from arthritis, tendonitis, and neck pain – while even assisting in wound healing.

Cold-laser therapies are designed to restore optimal health and wellness. Dr. Gratacos and his team provide these services for patients of all ages. Similarly, they take scans and imaging, which enable them to pinpoint and apply LLTT techniques to all areas in tension and distress.

At Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic, patients are never given harmful medications. In fact, Dr. Gratacos is a chiropractor that believes in natural, as well as machine-assisted therapies to resolve chronic or irregular pain. Cold laser therapies even help support proper spinal posturing, along with curtailing pain stemming from upper cervical or lower back issues.

If you are dealing with chronic bodily pain, do not wait for the problems to go away on their own. In fact, failure to see Dr. Gratacos can result in persistent pain, which can cause a range of related issues as well. Simply contact the clinic today for a complimentary pain analysis and assessment.

Contact Information:
Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic 10313 Washington St. Thornton, CO 80229 303 457 2040

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