Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic in Thornton CO Offering Consultation, Exam and 1 Hour Massage Treatment for New Patients at $55

Massage Treatment Specials for New Patients at Healthy Spine Center
Thornton, CO – October 10, 2017 – Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic in Thornton is now offering 1-hour
massage treatment specials for new patients. New patients also receive consultations and full
examinations at just $55. This is a truly affordable way to access the best spine and back assessments
and treatments at the Clinic.

Led by Dr. Gratacos and his highly-dedicated staff, HSFC is committed to excellence in all back and spine
services. This includes therapeutic massages and adjustments, which offer immediate solace and relief
for patients dealing with pain. New patients no longer have to wait for care after initial analysis and
assessments. In fact, Dr. Gratacos and his team go right to work to pinpoint and address all underlying
causes of back/spinal pain and distress.

With a cost-effective consultation and exam, you can access a range of massage treatments and
therapies right on the spot. This enables the Doctor and his team to also formulate care plans based on
your results. This may require a few more visits to the Clinic, and/or an extensive massage therapy and
adjustment plan for more extensive problems.

From scoliosis to spinal alignment issues, Dr. Gratacos has, and continues to, help so many patients and
families in Thornton. In fact, his Clinic continues to receive stellar reviews and ratings across Colorado
and the nation. If you are suffering from any type of back or spinal pain, now is the right time to contact
the clinic and make an appointment. Again, new patients have access to a range of specials that will save
them money and give them access to the very best in chiropractic services. Don’t hesitate. Go to the
Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic website today and plan a visit!

Contact Information:
Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic
10313 Washington St.
Thornton, CO 80229
303 457 2040

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