How Massage Therapy Can Help Relieve Your Neck Pain from a Chiropractor in Thornton CO

Neck pain is the third most common pain suffered by people in the US. It afflicts up to 70 percent of the population at some point. Whether your neck pain is caused by a recent car accident, bad posture or sleeping in a detrimental position, if you go to your doctor, she will likely prescribe drugs. Let’s look at how a chiropractor can treat your neck pain without medication.

How Massage Therapy Helps Sore Neck Muscles

Group Health Research Institute in Seattle conducted a study to find out what the length of massage was for people with chronic neck pain. Study participants were given 30-minute massages twice or three times a week, or a 60-minute massage one to three times a week. A comparison group unluckily received no massages.

Compared to participants receiving no massages, people who received massages three times weekly reported significant improvement in functionality and were twice as likely to report a significant improvement in neck pain. The best results were reported from those who had 60-minute massages two or three times weekly.

Choose What Works for You

Work with a chiropractor to determine the length and intensity that are right for you. During your initial visit, your chiropractor may also recommend chiropractic adjustments to make sure your spine and neck are in proper alignment. Neck pain can be caused or aggravated by tension in the upper back that spreads to the neck.

Untreated neck pain can cause headaches and leave you living in discomfort. Consult with a chiropractor today to see how they can help you unburden yourself from chronic neck pain.

Why Choose a Chiropractor for a Neck Pain Massage?

Along with therapeutic massage, your chiropractor may recommend exercises, nutritional changes and present other recommendations for your whole body health. Why take chances with your injury or chronic pain when help is available?
Choose chiropractic care for a holistic approach to your neck pain and spinal health.

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