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Sports massage has a lot in common with general massage therapy, but it has its nuances. While many massages are aimed at promoting relaxation, sports massage is a clinical massage. It can be prescribed by a doctor and it is focused on treating soft tissue and musculoskeletal issues.

Sports massage techniques are typically used on just one area of the body. Athletes get this type of therapy to reduce pain, prevent injury, and promote recovery. Therapists use a variety of techniques including effleurage, petrissage, friction, and percussion.

What Are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

Athletes and other active people find there are numerous benefits of sports massage. It can:

  • Offer relief from chronic pain - Massage can reduce low back pain as well as aches in the shoulders, knees, neck.
  • Clear the muscles of lactic acid - This means quicker recovery after exercise.
  • Help to prevent injury - One of the benefits of sports massage is that it primes the body for exercise.
  • Assist in recovery from injury - Application of pressure can promote healing.
  • Enhance performance - Massage may boost strength and agility
  • Improve overall health - Post-exercise massage can improve the immune system.
  • Fight against depression and anxiety - Pre-event massage can help athletes feel more focused, positive, and relaxed.

sport massage

A licensed sports massage therapist is trained in tailoring their massage techniques to the type and frequency of their client’s activities. Depending on their level of training and experience, they may work with amateur athletes, pros or part-time athletes. Many professional sporting organizations retain therapists to give their athletes an edge.

Where Can I Find Sports Massage Near Me?

Are you searching for “sports massage near me”? If you need to improve your sporting performance or speed up your recovery after injury, this may be just the therapy you need. We have highly qualified therapists who will assess your condition and come up with the best treatment solution. For your convenience, we accept all major insurance plans. We see patients by appointment only so be sure to book your preferred slot today. Your search for “sports massage near me” in Thornton, CO ends now.


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