Signs You’re Dealing With A Pinched Nerve with a Chiropractor in Thornton CO

Three of the most complicated parts of the human body are the spine, back and neck… and they are all connected. Due to the importance and complexities of this part of the human body, there are many different ailments that can occur that could cause pain. One of the most painful experiences that you could have can include a pinched nerve.

A pinched nerve will occur when there is too much pressure applied to one of the nerves in your body. Since the nerves in the neck and back are surrounded by tissue, they are far more prevalent in this area of the body. Some of the most common symptoms that can occur from a pinched nerve include numbness in the area around the nerve, a sharp or burning pain, muscle weakness, and a tingling sensation. If you think that you may have a pinched nerve, going to a chiropractor in the  could be a great option. A chiropractor can help a pinched nerve several different ways.


When you meet with a chiropractor for your pinched nerve, the first thing the chiropractor will be able to do is provide you with a consultation. They will be able to complete a full examination on your back, neck, spine, and shoulders to determine what exactly is wrong and what is causing the problem. Based on a consultation, the chiropractor will better be able to develop a plan for treatment.


If you have a pinched nerve, a chiropractor could describe a range of different treatments in order to correct the issue. In many situations, this will include providing you with a deep tissue massage that will help to alleviate the pressure on the nerve and start the process of healing. Depending on how strong you are and severity of the nerve, they may also have you go through a physical therapy process. This part of the process can including giving you a number of exercises and stretches that can be completed on your own while you are at home.

The Many Problems with a Pinched Nerve from a Chiropractor in Thornton CO

Problems with the spinal column, including vertebrae out of place, can lead to extremely painful situations. The pushed out bones will force muscles to stretch and pull, which leads to knots and discomfort within the muscular system. However, it can also lead to a pinched nerve.

A pinched nerve occurs when the shift in the bones pushes against the nerve endings. This sends pain signals to the brain, causing different levels of pain. Regardless of the pain level, it is almost always uncomfortable for the individual with a pinched nerve.

The best way to correct this situation is to see a chiropractor and have the spinal column corrected and pushed back into position. This way, the muscles can return to proper alignment and the nerve ending will experience a release of pressure.

Extreme Pain

A pinched nerve can be completely debilitating. Whether the pain is constant or it comes up depending on how someone moves their body, this pain may prevent certain body movements from occurring. A pinched nerve in the back and neck are the most common locations for such an issue, although it can occur in other locations.

Correct The Pain Now

The longer bones are out of position, the more likely it is that they can fuse together. When bones are fused together, it results in a host of problems. This not only includes pain but it may require the bones to be surgically separated before the pinched nerve can be corrected. So, in order to avoid this kind of situation, the sooner the pain is corrected the better the chances of the pain going away.

Prevents Full Range of Movement

When there is a pinched nerve it often prevents a full range of movement. Depending on the location, this may prevent someone from doing anything from enjoying their favorite activities to not being able to sleep correctly. Anyone suffering from a pinched nerve needs to see a chiropractor right away